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A Splash of Culture at the Bellevue Arts Museum

The arts have always had the power to transform an individual’s life. The themes and messages portrayed in art can allow us to take a different look at our own lives and grow. This means that art collections and museums have long been a destination for people looking for inspiration, deep experiences, or a connection to something larger.

The Bellevue Arts Museum has some of the most amazing pieces of art in the state of Washington. Let’s take a look at some of the incredible collections that can be found and amazing places to stay when you come to visit.

The Bellevue Arts Museum

The museum was founded on the principle of offering a public forum for people to rally behind. The art that is provided here is meant to be contemplated, appreciated, and discussed to further enhance people’s lives. There is a wide variety of art and artists who collaborate with the museum to provide the public with a number of unique works. The museum is also situated on the Indigenous Lande of Coast Salish tribe members. The members of the museum are also the caretakers of the land and ensure that it is kept up properly.


There is an ever-revolving door of attractions at the Bellevue Art Museum. You can expect to find rising talents of Kiln Glass coming soon on August 23. This event will extend all the way until January 12, 2020. You will also find an exhibition for Robert Williams starting on October 4th. He is the “Father of Exponential Imagination” and will be providing some truly incredible pieces of abstract art for the public to enjoy.

There is always something to be seen for everyone in the whole family. Prices are always reasonable. Members get in free and adults will only pay $15 to gain access to the museum that day. The Bellevue Art Museum is a truly wonderful experience that all art enthusiasts should visit.

Staying at The Best Hotel Around

You will want to make sure that you are staying somewhere incredibly comfortable whenever you visit Bellevue for the art collections. Fortunately, the hotels in Bellevue WA are high-quality and can provide you with an incredible stay at an affordable price. The Hyatt House Seattle/Bellevue is one of the most popular hotels in the area. It’s known for its great guest services; you can expect to find a twenty-four-hour gym, swimming pool, friendly room service, and much more. The hotel staff is incredibly friendly and always ready to assist you when you need help.

Adding Some Culture to Your Life

They say that experiencing other cultures can help us grow as individuals. This is an absolutely true statement. The Bellevue Art Museum is an absolutely incredible place to visit if you are looking to absorb some more cultural diversity into your life. Affordable prices, a wonderful hotel to stay at, and a scenic Bellueve, Washington are all things to look forward to when you visit. When you’re looking for something extra to pick up your spirits or enrich your perspective, be sure to plan a trip to visit this incredible museum.

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