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9 Evergreen Tips and Tricks for Fashion on a Budget

Staying fashionable on a budget is easier than ever, provided you are willing to master the art of finding the best in fashion that fits well within your budget. If you don’t like to splurge on clothes, here are nine fashion hacks that will turn you into a pro at pocket-friendly shopping.

Buy consciously

Don’t let the latest fad ruin your common sense and lead you to make impulse purchases that you’ll only regret later. Buy clothing and accessories that you know you’ll love to wear again or again—and trade with friends when you’re bored of them.

Shop at the right places

It’s so easy to pick the wrong pieces when you’re shopping on a budget. One rule to follow if you don’t want to end up with tacky outfits that slay your self-confidence is to avoid going to stores that sell such clothing.

Instead, wait for the classier brands to go on sale and spend the same amount of money on building a wardrobe you’d be thrilled to have. Remember, it’s possible to look fashionable and well turned out on a budget, only if you know where to shop and what to avoid.

Learn the difference between cheap and affordable

Not everything that comes cheap should make its way into your wardrobe simply because it fit into your budget. Learn to pick and choose items that are affordable but won’t look tacky when you wear them.

Remember, clever shopping is an art that makes great fashion affordable.

Go on a try-only spree once in a while

For someone who wants to have the best of fashion on a budget, taking some time off just to try different styles at the local stores is a great way to curb unnecessary spending. Steer clear of buying anything at all and instead spend the day researching and trying on styles that you wouldn’t on a hasty buying trip. Make it fun by taking along a friend.

Trying different styles, colors and silhouettes will open up a world of unexplored style to you, and it will also help you choose and pick the items that you absolutely need versus those that can wait until sale time.

Look after your clothes

Loving and caring for your clothes is a golden rule followed by seasoned budget shoppers who know that durability and budget fashion go hand in hand. You really are not saving a lot of money if you spend hours looking for great bargains online and offline, buy clothes for a steal, and then don’t give them the care they deserve.

Remember that even a scarf you bought for only three dollars needs gentle washing care, because you did not buy it to wear it just a couple of times and throw it away. So learn to wear, wash and store your outfits and accessories in a way that will make them last longer.

Master the art of patience

These days, online stores have one or other clothing line on sale all year long. So you need not wait for months on end to buy a piece you love. Just wait for a few weeks and you could save yourself hundreds of shopping dollars each year.

Evolve your personal style as you age

Learn to adapt your dressing style as you get older. This in no way means your wardrobe should become colorless or boring. It simply means to buy clothing, accessories and shoes that are not an attempt to make you look twenty years younger.

If you spend on clothes just to keep in sync with the younger crowd, you’ll most likely not enjoy wearing them after a couple of uses.

Mix and match your way to a refreshed wardrobe

Anyone who can’t splurge on clothes knows that they must own a few timeless classics that can be easily mixed and matched with other pieces to build a new look every now and then. Invest in clothes and accessories that will infuse new life into your wardrobe when it starts to bore you.

Use social media to your advantage

Social media is a great place to find bargain deals and thrift stores selling fashionable wear online as well as at stores near you. Keep track of the season’s trends and follow fashion pages and blogs that don’t only features big and expensive brands.

Following fashion bloggers that specialize in affordable style or student fashion is another great way to stay on top of trends that won’t make you go broke.

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