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8 Large Companies Hiring Freelance Workers

More and more articles, news clips, and professionals are talking about the new gig economy. The number of people in salaried jobs is dropping in favor of independent contracting, shift work, and freelance gigs. If you’re a freelancer looking for new sources of work, think about searching for gigs at national and international companies. Some of the largest companies on the globe realize the benefit of using experienced freelancers who can provide the best work available on a short-term basis. Next time you’re seeking a freelance gig, think about one of these companies.


With their reputation as a great company to work for, Shutterfly offers their popular work culture to freelancers, too. The photo storage and personalized product company hires independent contractors whose work mostly focuses on growing the company, while their salaried employees work with the daily operations of running the business. If you want to work freelance for Shutterfly, look for positions in human resources, visual design, or marketing.


This website, which focuses on tracking down genealogies and analyzing DNA, hires independent contractors and freelancers to work with the massive amounts of data they sort through. Freelancing for Ancestry.com might mean working with digital archives, copywriting, or evaluating data quality. The company also creates and markets genealogical software.


When you work for Amway, technically you’re not a freelancer but the owner of your own business. Because Amway provides the products you sell, gives you tips on the best way to make a profit, and offers lots of business and product options, working for them feels like a freelance gig full of consistent work. As with other freelance jobs, you get out what you put into your Amway business.



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Japanese game company Nintendo is one of the world’s largest video game makers. To get the best of the best designers, the giant company has been working with freelancers for years. Nintendo hires software engineers, business analysts, technical writers, and even quality assurance specialists to work for them on a remote, freelance basis.


Online payment giant PayPal is one way many freelancers and small businesses get paid. From boutique online shops to payments made directly to independent contractors, PayPal is a huge resource for the growing gig economy. PayPal uses freelancers to do some of their IT, web design, and software jobs. They also outsource some of their marketing and sales to freelancers.


Well-known travel website Expedia relies on freelancers, telecommuters, and part-time temporary positions to do a considerable amount of their work. Some of their full-time freelance jobs occur in particular cities across the globe, while others are telecommuting positions which you can do from anywhere. They hire for a wide array of positions, from content writers to recruiters to marketers. Being bilingual is a plus.


Media giant Bloomberg hires freelancers in many departments. Freelancers do data analysis, software design, quality assurance, and various types of editing. Be aware that most of these positions do not allow telecommuting, so Bloomberg freelance positions are better for someone looking to freelance in person in their home city. The company has over 200 locations globally, so finding a freelance position at a Bloomberg location where you live won’t be as hard as you think.



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If you’ve ever visited About.com to learn something new, you’re probably reading a freelancer’s work. With so many articles and how-to guides spanning as many topics as possible, it’s no surprise that About.com relies on freelance writers to produce their content. Writers for About.com are experienced in copywriting and know a lot about the fields they cover, so it’s an effective gig for copywriters looking to develop their portfolios.

Freelancing isn’t just for artists, photographers, and writers anymore. Software developers, web designers, recruiters, marketers, and more can find freelance gigs if they want them. Freelance is an exceptional way to supplement your salaried income or to break away from the desk job life. As the gig economy grows, freelance opportunities with big companies will expand, too, giving the freelancers of the world significant job resources.