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7 Ways Online Casinos Beat Real World Casinos

7 Ways Online Casinos Beat Real World Gambling

Online gambling has been around for years, but not everyone has given it a try – yet. Some may think that it can’t compare to the land based experience, others may be wary of scams, or perhaps the idea of playing online is a little daunting. Take a look at the top 7 reasons why online casinos beat their land based counterparts hands down, and see if you are convinced that Internet based gambling is the best option.

1) Convenience

It goes without saying, but online gambling is just about as convenient as it gets. A real world casino is guaranteed going to require getting into the car, taking a drive, looking for parking, and then hoping that your game of choice has space available. Why not just take out your smartphone or sit down at your desktop computer and get playing all within a few seconds?

2) Selection

Your average real world casino maybe has a few choices of roulette wheels, one or two blackjack variations, and a hall of slots games. Pretty Good. But how about being able to play every version of black jack online, roulette variants you never dreamed of, and so many slots games you couldn’t hope to ever play them all? Online casinos have variety in spades, and all without having to leave one website.

3) Better Slots Game Payouts

And speaking of slots games, did you know that online slots games payout, on average, 5% more frequently than real world slots games? Don’t believe it? It’s true. The normal Return to Player rate is as much as 96% with an online slots game. Online casinos are just a bit more generous.

4) Promotional Deals And Offers

Speaking of online casinos being generous, there are also a number of promotional and special deals running at online casinos, on a pretty regular basis. These promotional deals can vary in nature, but are normally far more generous than any deal at a land based casino. Hundreds of dollars in bonus cash is a norm at an online casino, and there is likely more than one casino offering such a deal at any given moment.

5) Loyalty And VIP Clubs

Sure, some real world casinos have VIP clubs, but in order to get into them you usually have to be a celebrity-style big spender. Online casinos are not so picky, and will have a loyalty or VIP club for anyone who chooses to be part of it. Go back and visit the online casino regularly and watch your loyalty points grow, granting even better special offers and bonus deals. Why should only the big spenders get special treatment, after all?

6) Cross Platform Support

A real world casino wouldn’t extend your balance to other casinos, but online casinos let you use your account on any device you choose, anywhere you choose. Create an online account on your mobile phone at home, and access that account on a laptop at work with your balance carried over.

7) 24 Hour Play

Real world casinos may close their doors at some point, but an online casino never will. You can play 24 hours a day, and get reliable customer support while you’re at it. Feel like a few rounds of poker at 3AM? You certainly can. Why shouldn’t a player be allowed to access their favourite games whenever they feel like it?

We think this is a pretty convincing case as to why online casinos are better than land based, and we think after you’ve given them a try, you’ll agree.

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