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7 Hand Exercises for Stronger Hands and Faster Injury Recovery

Your hands are the most mobile part of your body, which makes them highly susceptible to injury. An injury to your hand can make simple daily tasks such as texting, driving, work-related activities, etc. a nightmare. Depending on the location, type, and severity, plus the age, health, and activities of the person, the treatment of a hand injury can involve anything from simple exercises to surgery.

If you have a hand injury, don’t miss out these 7 exercises to speed up recovery and regain strength:

Sprained thumb exercise

A sprained thumb is a condition that occurs due to the damage to connective tissues between the thumb knuckle or thumb base. Different exercises can help treat sprains in different parts of the thumb. To increase thumb strength, pick up small objects such as paper clips, or coins with your thumb and each of the four fingers, one by one. Another exercise for sprained thumb can be done using therapy putty. Use the putty to keep your thumb active through repetitive motions such as pulling, squeezing, and rubbing.

Finger stretch

This exercise can help with arthritis and pain in the fingers caused by an overuse injury. Also, it can help improve the range of motion. Start by placing your palm on a flat surface, such as a table, in a way that your palm is slightly raised while your fingers and wrist rest on the table. Without putting excessive pressure, straighten your fingers so that your palm touches the table, hold for about 60 seconds and then relax. Repeat this exercise eight to ten times with each hand.

Twist a fist

This exercise is ideal for relieving pain caused by overuse injury in your fingers and help strengthen your hands. Start by making a fist by clenching your fingers and wrapping your thumb around them. Squeeze your fist without applying too much pressure, hold this position for about 60 seconds and then relax your hand. Wait for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat eight to ten times.

Claw Stretch

This exercise can help with pain in your knuckles besides improving the range of motion. Stretch your hand out, bend your fingers in a way that they try to touch the base of each finger joint without rotating or twisting your palm. Essentially, your hand should look like a claw. Hold in this position for about 30 seconds, relax, and repeat ten times for each hand.

Squeeze the bar

This is a simple exercise for people who lift weights in the gym. in fact, this is not an exercise in itself but just a quick trick to improve your grip strength. When doing any exercise, simply squeeze the bar or the dumbbell as hard as you can. This activates the inactive ligaments and joints in your hands which can result in improved strength. It may cause calluses on your palms, which can be avoided by wearing gloves. Avoid this exercise if you have any hand injury.

Wrist Bend

This is an ideal exercise for anybody who works long hours and frequently uses their hands. Simply stretch your arm in front of you and lift your palm upward as if you are signaling someone to stop. Now using your other hand, pull your wrist backward gently as far as you can without feeling any pain. Hold this position for 10 seconds, relax for a while, and repeat ten times on each hand.

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