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6 Ways to Make Last Minute Tasks a Thing of the Past

Saving things for the very last minute is a sure-fire way to get in trouble. It can lead to disastrous consequences with your business, relationships, and with your finances. In this article, we will go over some of the ways you can ensure you don’t find yourself in the position of doing something at the last possible minute.

Understand Why You Do It 

It can be hard to stop doing something if you do not know why you are doing it. There are a number of studies that point to a range of factors that underlie a person’s tendency to procrastinate. Sometimes, it is that they have a fear of success or that they are concerned about having more worked piled on them if they succeed.

Procrastination can also be the result of not having felt like you were easily allowed to make mistakes as a child. Taking some time out and finding out the reasons why you behave in a certain way is imperative if you are to begin taking steps to correct it.

Do the Hardest Thing First

There have been further studies that have looked at the amount of willpower that a person has on any given day, and it has been found that it gets harder to do things later on in the day. This means that you should take on the task you are dreading as early as you possibly can when your energies are the highest. The idea is that once you are done with this, everything else will be much easier to do and you will already have a sense of accomplishment to spur you on to greater things. This will also alleviate the sense of dread that only grows worse the longer you put doing something off.

Break Things Down into Smaller Tasks

The idea of moving a mountain will likely never motivate you. But moving small chunks of dirt at a time? That is doable. The key to breaking things down into smaller tasks is to help change your perspective. When you’re looking at the big picture, you often will feel overwhelmed, and sometimes helpless, and like you don’t know where to begin. Because of this, a type of paralysis sets in and nothing moves forward.

Discouragement can follow and getting started begins to feel impossible. With smaller tasks, you can get started, gain a sense of confidence, and begin to see results. Little by little, you can chip away at those larger, seemingly dreadful goals you’d been avoiding.

Use A Bill Paying Service

A key to running a successful business is making sure your bills get paid as quickly as possible. Employing the use of a service to make same day payments will alleviate the concerns you have over making sure bills are paid on time. It will also remove the human element, and it will save you money. Your staff will no longer need to spend time and resources paying bills, and they can spend their time doing other tasks. You can securely send large amounts of money to your recipients, and you can send them anytime and from anywhere. Payments are made using the cloud, and as such, they are not dependent on office computers. This means that no matter what, your payments will go through.

Set Your Timer

Large tasks seem less intimidating when there is an end in sight. Commit to working on a part of the project you are stressed out about for a short period of time. The chances are that you will feel invigorated, because there is the dynamic of beating the clock. After the ten minutes or however long you’ve scheduled is over, you can keep going if you choose, or you have the choice to stop. In either case, you’ve made the task less threatening and you have gotten some work done.

Get Organised

Use the simple to-do list and calendar to help you get on track. You can get a planner that organises your day into hourly chunks. Take some items from your list, and put them on your calendar as a scheduled block of time. Get started by securing whatever supplies you’ll need to dive into the work so that when the hour comes, you’ve no reason to get some work done.

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