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6 Tips for Earning Customer Loyalty

Repeat customers are bread and butter of any successful business. They spend 67% more than the first-time customer, which is a significant difference. That is why ensuring customer’s loyalty and enticing them to come back and keep coming back, is one of the top priorities for all companies, especially new ones. Not only do return customers spend more, but they are also cheaper in the long run since you don’t have to run expensive marketing campaigns to draw them in. They already know and like your product and don’t need much persuasion to come back and buy some more. That doesn’t mean you should take them for granted, just the contrary. Treat them with respects and they will be not just your faithful customers, but most loyal ambassadors as well.


You need to keep open lines of communication with your customers at all times, not just when you are launching a new product or service. Let them know about your plans in advance, so they can prepare. A key to all this is a regularly updated contact list, contain all relevant information, like email addresses and phone numbers. A simple, personalized birthday card can go a long way into creating a bond between a customer and a brand, and it costs you nothing to send it. This will show your customers that you are taking your time to talk to them even when you are not asking them to give you money.


It is impossible to overstress the importance of trustworthiness for any company or brand. It is absolutely crucial that your clients trust you and that your credibility with them is high. A good example is companies that offer games of chance to their clients. Since there are so many scams out there, sites that host honest casino reviews are an absolutely vital part of the industry. They offer their readers a chance to see the testimonies of other players and make an informed choice where to play. That way, they can get to know what are they getting into without risking a dime.

Reward Loyalty

Loyalty goes both ways. If someone is spending hundreds of dollars each year on your products, it is only fair to give them something back. It doesn’t even have to be much, an occasional gift card or a loyalty discount work just fine. These things cost companies next to nothing, yet the effect they will have on your customers is astounding. Not only will this increase their loyalty, but it will also set an example that your other customers can follow and get some freebies thrown their way. Often, just the ability to skip the line, or attend a meet-and-greet event can achieve a similar goal.

Create Attractive Payment Plans

Another great way of increasing customer loyalty is by providing payment plans, especially for more expensive items in your inventory. This will allow even your customers with less disposable cash to make a purchase and you will get praises for clever business strategy. Apart from loyalty, this will have a huge impact on your sales, since many will want to take advantage of such an offer. Even if most of them don’t become returning customers, you can make a profit on them.

Customer Service

Poor customer service is a sure way to lose both your customers’ loyalty and customers together. Everyone needs customer service occasionally and having an awful experience with them will have a direct impact on how they see and value your company. After all, they are your front line and are there to stem customers’ dissatisfaction, for whatever reason it has arisen. If they fail, the flood gates will open and soon you will be facing complaints from all sides. A customer calling for some minor detail that can be fixed almost instantly will turn into a raging bull if they feel that customer service doesn’t want to help them and only cares about the company’s bottom line.

Be Reliable

In today’s ever-changing world, one thing that we all need more in our lives is reliability. It is of absolute importance to fulfill your promises to your customers, even if that means losing some money in the process. In the long run, it will be insignificant compared to your profits. If your shipping page says delivery in two days, don’t make it two and a half or three. Either deliver it in two or change your terms. Never promise things that you can’t or not sure how to keep, like a 24/7 customer service if you know full well that your customer service is open during business hours only. It may seem petty, but some people will make a purchase based on that little fact and hold you accountable when they can’t reach customers’ support when they need it the most.

There are plenty of other things that you can try and do as a company to increase the loyalty of your customers. Not all of them will react the same, so make sure to vary your approach and have different tactics for different people.

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