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5 Ways to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows

Knowing how to take a screenshot of your computer is highly useful for creating documents. It is also a good time saver, especially if you want to get a good copy of documents that aren’t downloadable. To give you some idea on how you can take a screenshot with your Windows computer, here are some options;

Option 1: Using the Snipping Tool


• Click on the Start button and go to the search box. Type snipping tool in the search box and hit Enter.

• A Snipping Tool window will then appear. Click the down arrow button on the left corner of the window, right beside the word New.

• Choose your preferred form of snip by clicking on an option from the drop down menu. You may choose Free-from Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip, and Full-screen Snip.

• After you choose a snip form, you may now proceed taking a screenshot. You may drag the cursor to highlight the area that you wish to cover.

• A new Snipping Tool window will automatically open containing the screenshot that you have taken. Go to File on the top left corner of the screen to save your screenshot.

Option 2: Taking Screenshot of the Active Window


• To automatically take a screenshot of an active window on your Windows computer, just click the Alt key followed by the Print Screen button. There are no prompts or indicators that you have successfully made a screenshot so don’t wait for any and just proceed to the next steps below.

• Hit the Windows button and type Paint on the search box. Click on the Paint application.

• The Paint application with a new blank document will then open. Click on the blank Paint document and hit Ctrl+V on your keyboard. A copy of the screenshot that you took is now on the Paint document.

• Save your screenshot by hitting File on the top left corner of the Paint window and selecting Save As from the drop down menu.

Option 3: Taking Direct Screenshot


• To take a direct screenshot without having to open any additional application, you may hit the Windows key and the Print Screen on your keyboard. Note that the screen will momentarily blink, indicating that you have successfully taken a screenshot.

• Go to the Start button on your screen and type the word screenshot in the search box. Select the Screenshot folder. The Screenshot folder contains the screenshot that you took and is saved in PNG format.

• Note that this method is most suitable for taking full screen screenshots. Also, the file format of the screenshot is limited to just one file format which is PNG.

Option 4: Taking Full Screen Screenshot


• Another screenshot method that you can employ is by simply hitting the Print Screen button on your keyboard. Hitting the Print Screen button automatically saves a full screenshot of your screen on the clipboard.

• The next step now is to open the Paint application. Paste your screenshot to a new Paint document.

• Click File at the top left corner of the screen and select Save As from the drop down menu. Save your screenshot using your preferred file format.

Option 5: Using Third Party Software


• Aside from Windows built-in features for taking screenshot, there are also some screenshot third party software programs that you can buy or download for free.

• Download and install a third party program specifically made for taking screenshots.

• Check out the tools and features included in the program and find out which tools can satisfy your requirement. The Snag It program for example allows you to take a screenshot of a Web page and keep all of its clickable links.

• These added features and tools provide added convenience for the user by providing better options

These are just some of the popular methods that you can employ when taking a screenshot on your Windows computer.

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