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5 Ways to Rank Higher on YouTube Search Results

Many YouTubers are busy finding ways to increase their channel’s search result ranking. The reason behind this is that the more popular their YouTube channel is, the more revenues they can generate. High ranking YouTube channels tend to attract more advertisers which are one of the primary income generators of online businesses. Aside from this, they also earn from online subscriptions of their YouTube channel so the greater the number of people who know about their channel the greater the chance they can get more subscribers.

To give you an idea how you can increase your YouTube channel’s search result ranking, here are some tips that you can implement;

  • Proper Keyword Placement

Using keyword in your YouTube channel is just as important as using a keyword in your website. Proper keyword placement on your YouTube video title has a great effect on your YouTube search result ranking.

To do this, you may take advantage of the auto complete search feature of YouTube. All you have to do is simply key in the main topic of your video on the YouTube search box. A list of topics, or titles related to the keyword you key in will automatically appear as an auto complete search suggestion. Now, these suggestions are the most commonly searched titles on YouTube. All you have to do is select the most suitable search suggestion and use it as your YouTube video title. This way each time somebody key in this search string your video will automatically appear.

  • Keyword Placement in the Video Description

Make sure to place your keyword in the first two lines of your video description. Video description is part of your video archive, meaning the details you put in the description have a big contribution in your YouTube search result ranking. If you don’t know how to start your description just look into the search suggestion of your keyword.

  • Using Meta Tags

Since the content of your YouTube video cannot be directly archived for search result purposes, the work depends entirely on your ability to maximize the texts that you can include in your video, so search engine can know what your video is about. This is where Meta Tags or tags come in. Once you have your main keyword you can start tagging your video with other relevant keywords which can help widen your viewer coverage.

To get a good list of keywords that you can use to tag your YouTube video, look for the top search result video under your main keyword and copy its list of keyword tags. This way people who are using these tags as their keyword search string on YouTube will be able to view your video.

  • Make Use of Social Networks

Start spreading news regarding your video by using social networking site. Social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter enables you to promote your video to your friends and followers, giving you better exposure, especially if your YouTube channel is still new.

Allowing your viewers to share your video on their social networking sites can also help promote more viewing, which can increase your ranking in the YouTube search result.

  • Regularly Uploading Timely Videos

Uploading YouTube videos that are timely or are suitable for the occasion can help improve your YouTube search ranking. For example, uploading relevant videos regarding the presidential election in the US or other relevant videos regarding the speeches or press conference of their president-elect Donald Trump. These types of videos are usually in demand so you don’t have to work too much to increase your YouTube search ranking.

These tips are just some of the things that you can implement to help improve your YouTube search engine ranking.

Omer Cetin