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5 Tips to Maintain Your Automatic Car

The old-school days are gone and you no longer have to worry about using the right gear at the right speed limit. In this modern time, the automatic cars are not only the latest trend but are also easier to drive and control. These cars are the future of the car industry throughout the world and are available in an affordable range. All the self-driving cars being made today also feature automatic transmission.
Below are our top 5 pragmatic tips to maintain your automatic car:

1. Check the Transmission Fluid

It is wise to check the transmission fluid regularly in order to prevent delays in shifting gears which happens due to low level of fluid. Leaks may lower the level of the fluid. So, before starting the engine, bent down and check any traces of it. In case there is a leak, get it fixed before it costs you a fortune and effect your transmission’s health. Furthermore, it is best to stick to the transmission fluid specified in your car manual. The transmission fluid of an automatic car must be changed after 50,000 km. However, this figure is different for different cars, so check the owner’s manual.

2. Get Good, Reliable Parts

Often, we are duped by people selling unoriginal, second hand stuff, especially at the auto-parts shops because of low prices. In trying to save a few bucks, we end up spending a whole lot more on low-quality parts, due to our lack of knowledge and experience. You should always buy spare parts from a trust source like euspares.co.uk that offers original, new and high-quality car parts at extremely affordable prices.

3. Take Care of the Engine

The engine is not only responsible to run the car it also works to run other connected parts. It burns the chemical energy and converts it to electrical energy enabling the car to move on the road. A weak engine will put stress on the transmission causing it to wear out.

A few ways to take care of your engine are:

  • Check the air filters
  • Be aware of any leaks of oils or anti-freeze liquid
  • Change the fuel filter
  • Fill up the fuel tank before it gets empty
  • Regularly change the engine oil as recommended
  • Keep appropriate amount of coolant
  • Check and change the engine belts
  • Keep the speed and RPM’s consistent

4. Go to a Specialist

An automatic transmission is more complicated to repair than a manual. It is not an average person’s piece of pie to take care of it. Hence, it is advised to go to a reliable car specialist or authorized repair workshop instead of figuring out and fixing the problem yourself. There is a 90 percent risk you will worsen the issue.

5. Stop Relying on Brakes

Constantly using car brakes means your transmission has to put in a lot of effort, while simultaneously exerting pressure on the engine. To avoid this, notice how frequently you use brakes and practice changing to down-shift whenever possible. Regularly employing brake pedal will speed up the wearing of components associated with the automatic transmission, thus decreasing vehicle’s life in the process.

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