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5 Tips To Maintain Weight Loss After HCG Diet

Weight loss is seldom easy as you might have to starve for days and bear stringent exercise routines as well. But it is the results that get you motivated and continue with whichever protocol you decide to follow. After all, every dieter loves that amazing feeling of looking slimmer and feeling healthier at the end of a successful diet program. Now that you might have gone through the rigors and lost all those extra pounds, comes the true challenge- which is to keep those pounds off forever. There are several diet programs that promise excellent results but the matter of concern is the sustainability of weight loss. The question remains the same for those who have chosen the HCG diet plan.

This program has a specific phase that aims to maintain the weight loss by preparing the body for it. The initial loading phase is the easiest as you are allowed hefty calorie consumption during it. The real test comes with the second phase or the core phase, when the daily permissible limit is only 500 calories. This is accompanied by a thrice a day dose of 6-8 drops of HCG hormone. The third phase is that of maintenance when the calorie intake is increased to 800-1000 calories a day. Along with this, the drops are discontinued. This is the time that the body is prepared for maintaining weight loss after the end of the protocol. A little extra effort and you can still be slim and beautiful even after the diet is done with. Let’s help you with some tips to maintain the weight loss even after the completion of your plan.

  1. Let your system stabilize

Now that you are finished with the core phase and maintenance phase, there is still need to go slow with the calorie so that your system gets stabilized. The idea is to keep the pounds off even when you are no longer taking those magical drops or injections. Surely you will be tempted to gorge after the rigorous diet is over but the best way is to give yourself time and continue with a low calorie regimen till you feel ready to start trying to get back to normal.

  1. Eat only the right foods

Typically, HCG diet allows two meals a day, each comprising a single serving of bread, vegetable, fruit and lean protein. If you want the impact of the plan to be sustainable, stick to the healthy diet chart that you have been following. Counting your calories does matter but so does eating right. Even if you want to eat out on the HCG diet or after it, choose healthy grilled vegetables and grilled salads instead of rich meals and desserts. Skip everything that has starch and sugar and opt for natural, unprocessed foods instead. Have plenty of water and sugar-free, low calorie drinks to stay hydrated.

  1. Gradually increase your calorie intake

Now that you have finished the program, it is time to increase your caloric intake so that you can maintain the weight loss. This may not look like a good idea but it does help if done in the right way, which is gradually and consistently. The reason is that if you continue to have a low calorie intake despite stopping the drops, the body will be likely to go into fat-storing mode. However, gradually adjusting your intake to an optimal level will enable you to sustain the loss that you have achieved. A specialist can help you calculate the optimal allowance based on your individual goals and requirements.

  1. Ease back to a normal diet

Although dieters are advised to eat healthy after the completion of the HCG plan, it is still best to ease back to normal as soon as possible. Experts recommend adding complex carbohydrates back into the diet after the discontinuation of the drops. All the while, you need to keep a close watch on your weight so that you can identify the foods that trigger weight gain and avoid them completely in future. On the average, the metabolism may take months to get reset and it is only then that you can go completely on a normal diet without fearing weight gain.

  1. Make exercise a daily routine

Regular exercise and physical activity is essential for maintaining a healthy weight even after completing the diet protocol. Make it a part of your daily routine, with 150 minutes of moderate exercise suggested to keep the weight off. Those who want to do more vigorous physical activities can exercise up to 75 minutes in a week. Brisk walking, swimming and cycling are regarded as the best exercises to maintain weight as well as get holistic health benefits. You can hit the gym or join an aerobics class if you want to be more active. Make physical activity a part of your lifestyle, such as taking the stairs instead of the lift and walking to the market or office instead of driving. Drinking plenty of water helps, and it is equally important to avoid stress and anxiety.

HCG diet is usually seen as a miracle diet because of the fast and effective results it yields. A majority of dieters have claimed a weight loss of 1-2 pounds in a day. The result comes from the dual action of a low-calorie diet and the HCG drops. These drops pump up the metabolism and induce the calorie burning process. Since the calorie consumption is super low, the body makes up by burning the fat deposits, thus promoting a healthy weight loss. When the HCG diet is discontinued, most dieters are apprehensive that they will put the weight back because they are no longer taking the drops. However, it is possible to sustain the weight loss even after that with the right eating patterns and a healthy lifestyle. A lot depends on your motivation and drive to keep the weight off. After putting in so much effort and control for losing weight, this seems like a small price to pay and the rewards can be wonderful.

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