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5 Things You Need to Know About Varicose Veins

Approximately one in five adults is forced to deal with varicose veins. These lumpy and discolored marks in your legs will not look good to you but are harmless the majority of the time. However, there are some important things you should know about dealing with veins that varicose.

What Causes Veins to Become Varicose

Veins are vascular structures that contain valves and serve the purpose of keeping your blood flowing in the direction of your heart. Veins that become varicose are a condition that results from weakened valves permitting blood to flow and pool in a direction opposite from what is intended.

These veins usually do not cause concerns medically but the bulgy, abnormal-looking veins become a cosmetic nightmare for many individuals. These individuals often choose treatment for these veins even though they are in no pain and suffer from no complications.

Some Symptoms Are Serious

Veins that become varicose are generally harmless. However, there are some symptoms that merit immediate medical attention.

  • Hyperpigmentation – Skin in the ankle and the lower leg becomes visible darker than nearby skin
  • Skin Ulcer – A red sore containing pus that is not the result of an injury
  • Hardening of the Skin – The skin becomes thick and hard in the affected area. May also become red and cause itching.

The following symptoms are not as serious and do not require immediate medical attention but you should schedule an appointment with your doctor if one or more of these symptoms persist.

  • ‘Heavy legs’ that ache and get relief from elevation
  • A throbbing or burning sensation where a vein is located
  • Cramping and restlessness in the legs at night
  • Swelling in the ankle and lower leg
  • Varicose veins that bleed


Experts are available to tend to your needs if you have concerns about your veins or you have pain in your legs as a result of these veins. An ultrasound can be used to measure the level of damage to valves and other parts of the vein. The ultrasound will also help doctors determine if the vein is in need of a simple procedure like sclerosant foam treatment, surgery, or should simply be left untouched.

Diet and Exercise

Some problems with your veins are inevitable. This is especially true as you begin to get a little older. The exact cause of these veins is unknown but factors include genetics, obesity, and a job that requires standing for many hours. Conversely, weight maintenance and regular exercise have proved their ability to prevent veins from becoming varicose.

Pregnancy Veins May Go Away

Veins that are varicose and appear on your legs while you are expecting a baby may not last long after you give birth. Pregnant women need more blood volume to circulate for the benefit of their unborn babies. This added load can cause changes to hormones and dilation of veins that can cause the veins to stretch.

The Takeaway

Veins that become varicose cause many people a lot of stress due to their unsightly appearance. The good news for most people is that many times these veins are completely harmless. Individuals dealing with veins that varicose should make sure they understand the five tips above to inform themselves on the matter and ensure they experience no unnecessary complications from the condition.

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