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5 Skills That Separate a Good Boss from a Bad One

The ability to be a good boss isn’t something that you’re just born with. For most people, managing employees properly takes work and a lot of effort on their part. Not everybody who rises to boss status is even capable of that.

As the potential owner of a hot dog franchise where you’ll have to deal with employees on a regular basis, becoming a good boss should be of the utmost importance to you. After all, how well you manage your team could help you make or break your new business.

Keep reading to learn five skills that separate a good boss from a bad one. You’re going to need them all if you want to put your ship on the right course.

1. Good Bosses Can Delegate Tasks

Nobody can run a business like a hot dog food franchise entirely on their own. No matter how business savvy and dedicated you are to making it work, you simply can’t do everything from selling to customers to balancing the budget each month.

That’s why a good boss has the ability to delegate tasks. More than that, a boss that’s really good always chooses the right person to give a task to with well thought out motivation behind that choice.

To really make it as a franchise owner, you need to be able to find quality people and understand their strengths. Once you develop the ability to delegate tasks, your job becomes a whole lot easier.

You’ll also have more time to focus on big picture stuff like online marketing and building your brand.

2. Good Bosses Stay Organized

Organization skills are obviously important for anybody trying to build a business. As a boss that manages other people on a daily basis, though, being able to stay organized all of the time makes a huge difference.

From delegating tasks to managing employee days off efficiently, running a small business requires organization. If you lack that skill and can’t develop it, you’ll have employees irritated with botched schedules, late paychecks, and shipments that don’t arrive on time.

If you’re too disorganized, your employees may not even respect you. For a leader to be effective, they need to set a strong example.

3. Good Bosses Stay Focused

Focus is a little bit different than organization, though they often go hand-in-hand. To be a truly great boss, you need to have laser sharp focus to make sure everything runs smoothly on a daily basis.

As the owner of a franchise, you’ll be taking deliveries, dealing with customers, juggling phone calls, and handling a million other tasks on a regular basis. Staying focused and on-task is the only way you’ll be able to get everything done.

It’s also the only way you’ll be able to show employees what you really expect from them. If you want your team focused and on point, you need to be that way too.

4. Good Bosses Show Empathy

When you think of a Fortune 500 CEO or a boss that leads hundreds of people, you probably think more of strength than anything else. Perhaps you think of the organizational skills mentioned above.

The fact is that an excellent boss has to be able to show empathy to truly connect with employees. A boss that doesn’t seem human and doesn’t understand why a task can’t be completed because a child is sick isn’t going to last long.

Leading people effectively requires the ability to understand them and truly connect on an emotional level. You may never be best friends with your employees, but they do need to be able to see that you’re a real human being.

Otherwise, they’ll resent taking orders from someone who appears to have no motivation other than meeting deadlines.

5. Good Bosses are Passionate

Passion may not seem like a skill, but when you’re working a job day in and day out, particularly one that deals with customers who come in off the street like a hot dog franchise, being able to wear your passion on your sleeve is definitely an acquired skill.

In order to keep employees motivated to work when a job is tough, you need to really care about what you do. Maintaining your passion for running your own business and doing a top-notch job every single day will keep your employees motivated.

A little bit of that passion might even rub off on some of them, who may put in a bit more extra work than normal. Passion is contagious after all, and everybody wants to be a part of something special.

Being a franchise owner and boss can be hard work, but mastering these skills will help you in your pursuit of business ownership. Building your franchise may take time, but starting on the right foot is essential.

Omer Cetin