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5 Powerful Steps To Boost Immune System

It seems that everywhere we look, germs are all around us; it’s a miracle that we maintain healthy days with the constant barrage of pathogens, impurities, and toxins entering and exiting our bodies. When viewed from that perspective, our bodies are miraculous mechanisms; they truly help to maintain a balance of health that sustains us.

Our immune systems are an intricate network of signals, tissue and cell development, and indicators that help our bodies maintain a state of health and homeostasis. When something isn’t right, our immune system responds by issuing high alert signals to other systems in the body to fight infections, repair cells and tissues, and to do whatever it takes to restore you to health and wholeness once more.

Even an immune system can get overtaxed; whether it’s toxins that are present in the body, additional stress, or even excessive fatigue, your immune system needs the right tools in order to work properly to fight off infection and maintain health. For instance, a couples health insurance in Australia would reimburse you as part of a wellness plan in support of your new, healthy habit; talk with your insurance provider to see if your plan includes wellness reimbursement. How can we take care of the system that works so hard to take care of us? Here are some powerful steps to boost your immune system and maintain optimal health:

1. Get some sun

Doctors and researchers are quickly catching on that a little extra vitamin D is beneficial to staving off colds and flue. Vitamin D stimulates the immune system, strengthening its capabilities to fight off infections and keep you healthy. In winter months, it is more difficult to get enough vitamin D, so supplementation is helpful in boosting your vitamin D levels.

2. Take a probiotic

Almost all disease can be traced back to its origin in our guts. Maintaining a good balance of good vs. bad bacteria in your system will result in good digestive health. With a healthy digestive tract, you can fight off all sorts of infections and illnesses that otherwise might overtake you, upsetting the natural balance of good vs. bad bacteria. Taking a probiotic daily will give your digestive system an extra boost of beneficial bacteria, helping you to overcome any issues that may come your way.

3. Exercise!

Move that body-Exercise is a powerful immune system booster. It improves the circulation and response of white blood cells in your system, and it also increases the production of natural killer T cells, which aid in the destruction of pathogens and infections that find their way into the body.

As little as 20 minutes of moderate walking per day is enough to see immune system benefits, although you can surely handle more than a moderate walk, can’t you? Consider joining a gym or taking some online classes to improve your overall health.

4. Improve your diet

An apple a day really can keep the doctor away, if it is paired with other wholesome and natural foods. One of the most destructive things we can do to our immune system is to eat poorly; reducing our sugar intake and replacing processed, dead foods with whole foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits will have us going to the park more often than seeing our family doctor.

5. Reduce your stress

Stress is a silent killer. It adversely affects every system of your body, including your immune system. Reducing your stress is key to overcoming infections and illnesses and improving your quality of life. Consider meditation, take nature walks, or begin journaling as an outlet for some of the daily stressors of life. Start a gratitude list, spend more time with people you love and cherish, and you’ll find that the stress of your day starts to melt away when you spend time doing things you really enjoy.

Beatrice Santos