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5 Lucky People Who Became Instant Millionaires

Some people have all the luck and become millionaires instantly; others will work hard their whole lives and never even break six figures.

While most of us will fall into the latter category, here’s a few exciting examples of those lucky few whose lives changed in an instant.

The (Very) Lucky Yard Sale Find

You never know what you might find at a yard sale, but, buried among all the old and forgotten potential ‘treasures’ can be something actually worth money.

In 2007, a New York-based family visited a yard sale, buying a small, white bowl for $3, which they displayed on their mantelpiece for years. Later, on a whim, they decided to get it valued…and were shocked to discover it was a 1000 years old relic of Ancient China’s Song Dynasty, and worth between $20,000-$300,000.

The $20m. Photos Hiding in a Box

Californian Rock Norsigian hadn’t cleared out his house in a while, and then when he did – something shocking happened.

A decade before, Norsigian had bought a box of old photos for $45 at a garage sale. He didn’t realise that that same box, stored under his pool table, was actually a collection of ‘lost’ photos from America’s founding father of photography, Ansel Adams – and could be worth $200 million.

The images are making the rounds of universities and museums, while Norsigian waits for them to sell at auction.

The Golden Gardening Session

California may really be the golden state, if this story is to be believed.

A couple were bothered by an even patch of grass below one of their trees, and finally decided to do something about it – unearthing a sack of gold coins from the 1800s in the process.

With some coins worth up to $600K each, all 1427 of them could reach a whopping $6 million for their lucky finders.

Needless to say, after selling some of the coins on Amazon, the couple decided to give the proceeds to charity, pay off some bills and remain anonymous in the process.

The 25p Casino Bet

Brits are no strangers when it comes to betting in new online casinos of which there are many in the UK and back in 2015 one ex-soldier Jon Heywood had a bit of a lucky break.

After returning to the UK after a tour in Afghanistan, one evening Jon made a tiny bet of only 25p in an online casino that landed him a staggering £17,879,645.12 – and he didn’t tell anyone about it for three whole days, even going into work the next day as if nothing had happened.

Jon celebrated by funding his father’s private medical treatment, and then taking his whole family on a Mediterranean cruise holiday.

The Unthinkable Hockey Win

Darwin Head, a 35-year old Canadian sawmill worker, did the unthinkable after winning $1 million during half-time at a televised hockey game.

Having been randomly chosen for the challenge from among 8.5 million online entries, Head netted 15 of the 20 pucks at the Chevrolet Malibu Million-Dollar Shootout event in Saskatchewan – in an amazing 24 seconds.

Head decided to use his prize money to pay off his mortgage, and save some for his children, and will not be quitting his sawmill job.

We can all Dream!

Ultimately, these true stories are just a few extraordinary examples of how peoples’ lives can literally change in an instant, though a massive online casino win, a rare find, or an amazing achievement. And, if it can happen to other people, it might happen to you!

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