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5 Items You Need To Go Traveling In An RV For The First Time

When you’re going to go traveling in an RV for the first time, a significant part of your preparation process will be packing.

Here’s some truth: you’ll need a lot more items for an RV trip than you would for a normal road trip in a car or a flight in an airplane. Subsequently, many RV beginners especially neglect to include items that they really need.

To ensure that you have everything, this article will outline and discuss five items that you absolutely will not want to forget.

Here are five items you need to go traveling in your RV for the first time:

Item #1 – Sewer Hose

Does your motorhome come with a sink or a bathroom in it?

If so, then you will definitely need a sewer hose.

A sewer hose is necessary to remove the black and grey water in your RV. It hooks into the side of the RV on one end, while the other end screws into the ground in order to allow you to dump your sewage and waste.

Some RVs are already sold with a sewer hose in them, but oftentimes, the hose they come with is of low quality and breaks easily…which is absolutely something you will not want to for hopefully obvious reasons. Invest in a higher quality version, and you won’t ever regret it.

Item #2 – Leveling Blocks

The next item you will need for your RV trip is leveling blocks. These help to stabilize your RV when you are parked over uneven ground.

This is important because an RV that is parked over uneven ground will not be as nice to sleep, relax, or prepare food in. Since many campgrounds lack totally flat ground, level blocks will be something you’ll be glad you had.

Item #3 – Fire Extinguisher

Hopefully you’ll never have to use it, but it’s always wise to be prepared for emergencies (and fires definitely count as emergencies). Most motorhomes already come with at least one fire extinguisher already, but several don’t and you’ll want to check yours. Even if it doesn’t, it’s never a bad idea to have a spare or two on hand.

Item #4 – Headlamp

Having a headlamp allows both of your hands to be free while you’re outside in the dark, which will be a major advantage. Having a flashlight is great, but a headlamp is even better.

Item #5 – Folding Camping Chairs

Don’t spend all of your time sitting indoors. Instead, pull out your RV’s awning and then set up some folding camping chairs so you can sit and relax outside. Camping chairs are cheap, easily portable, and surprisingly comfortable. Lower the cost of your purchase by using coupons you can find online, like a Sierra Trading Post discount code.

Traveling In An RV

Now obviously there are many more items you’ll need to bring with you on your RV trip, but the five items that we have discussed in this article are inexpensive items that are too often overlooked and while also make your trip go by easier. If you are a beginner to RV trips in particular, these five items are definite

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