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5 Hacks Used To Rectify Lacking Space In Office

Offices can often be small and cramped, making it hard to work in them as they can get cluttered very quickly. There is a way to make small office spaces functional and feel completely pulled together while still allowing it to look light, calm, and visually pleasing.

There is a lot of chaos and stress that goes into a business day, especially when you work in offices that are often hectic like warehouse office. Here are just a few ways to make your office space not only look and feel light and airy, but functional and calming as well.

1.) Keep your colour palette light and simple

One way to make your small office space look brighter and even bigger is by using light colours like whites and blues, and light, almost white, grey. These colours are quiet and calming while also making your room feel bigger.

You can also add in things like bright green plants that will add a nice pop of colour, and use golds and brass for your furniture as it allows light to reflect and give your room an even brighter feel.

2.) Symmetry is more important than you think

A lot of contrast between your furniture items is going to make it feel cluttered and add busyness to your eyes. For a more calming, seamless look you should look for matching chairs and desks. Keeping things simple reduces the chaos in the office which allows your eyes not to bounce around and instantly makes the room seem more cohesive, bigger, and cleaner.

3.) Take advantage of mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors are raised storage areas that are cost-effective and give you tons of easy to use storage as well as keeping your office space open. They are designed in such a way that they are made to be put up and installed in your office very quickly.

The manufacturer creates the mezzanine floors custom to your office after they take measurements and talk to you about your requirements. They can make the floors light-weight, heavy-duty if you need a lot of storage room, and can even apply floors that are two levels to keep your small office functional, roomy, and uncluttered.

For these types of offices specifically, there are companies which give the best designs and one of them is Advanced Warehouse Structures which have come up with a way to give offices extra organizational space without compromising how space looks.

4.) Use lights that can be hung from the ceiling or from the walls

Your office space will need lights, and getting recessed lighting may be too harsh and/ or may not even be an option. However, lamps on the floor or on the table can quickly take up valuable room that you could otherwise use for something else or keep open for a bigger, more open feeling.

Instead, get some sconces or hanging lights that can be attached to the wall or the ceiling and free up that valuable room in your office. Sconces’ may be the best option as it does not have to be hard wired into the wall. You can attach it to the wall and cover the cord with a chic cover which will make it look cute and intentional!

5.) Don’t bring in too many accessories that can be clutter

Once you have a good colour palette done in your office and the furniture you need so that all is cohesive and simple, while still giving you what you need to function, you can start adding in the accents and decoration that makes the room your own.

Keep accessories within the palette you have chosen, and instead of getting a lot of little things to opt for bigger plants, and things in glass that will reflect light and make your office look even lighter and airier. You can also design your books to look cute and organized and draw attention to them in a good way!

Beatrice Santos