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5 Fun Ways To Encourage Customers To Pay With A Credit Card

Let’s face it—cash is out and plastic is in. If you have yet to implement a POS system that can seamlessly handle credit cards, such as Clover POS system, you’re missing out. Moreover, if you have yet to encourage credit card use in your business, you may be doing yourself a disservice. It’s time to hop on the credit bandwagon and to start encouraging credit card use in your business. Here are just five fun ways to get even the staunchest cash supporters to see the light:

Work With Companies That Offer Value Options

People are more inclined to swipe if they know that something is in it for them. Several credit card companies offer incentives to card holders who shop with certain merchants. Try to get on the list so that when individuals purchase from you, they will be rewarded.

Integrate Your Loyalty Program

Have a loyalty program? Offer more rewards to customers who swipe. As a bonus, when you integrate your Clover POS system with your rewards program, you can keep track of loyal shoppers and ensure that no purchase goes unnoticed.

Set Up a Gift Card Program

Make it easy for gift card holders to spend more by implementing a POS system that can read both gift cards and credit cards with ease. When a gift card holder comes into your store ready to spend, you’ll be ready.

Make an Attractive Offer

Have a company card that you’re trying to push? Equip the campaign with an attractive offer. For instance, offer those who apply 20 percent off their purchase regardless of whether or not they’re approved. If they are approved, offer an additional 10 percent off purchase made with the new card.

Implement Cool Terminals

People are drawn to cool gadgets. Invest in a credit card terminal that customers will just want to play with, such as the Poynt Customer-Facing Screen. This machine is sleek looking, has a built-in barcode and QR scanner and accepts EMV, PIN, Magstripe and NFC/Contactless payments.

If your credit card sales are low, use the above tips to encourage the use of plastic. For sleek solutions such as Clover POS system or Poynt, contact Merchant Account Solutions at 888-875-4808­­ or online.

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