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5 Easy Ways To Stop Your Partner Snoring

Whether you are among the 45% of adults that snore every night or your partner is part of these statistics the fact remains that snoring is very annoying. Sleeping next to a person with the problem means that you will not get enough sleep which can have adverse health consequences. But before you decide to move to a different room it is important to know that there are various and practical solutions that you can use to help your better half with the snoring. These easy ways to stop your partner snoring include the following five.


1) Try To Change His/her Sleep Position

Sleep position is one of the things that lead to snoring. If you sleep on your back, your tongue will fall back and block your airways and hence resulting in the annoying noise as you breathe in your sleep. Putting a small tennis ball in a custom pocket at the back is one way to ensure that your partner does not sleep on his back. Also, you can buy them a body pillow because it will help to reduce the likelihood of rolling into the back.

2) Help them Make Some Lifestyle Choices

Some lifestyle changes will be necessary if you are looking for long term snoring solutions for your partner. Although these changes will depend on them, there are still many things that you can do to help out. You should make sure that your partner sticks to a healthy diet and encourage them to exercise a few times every week so as to reduce the amount of fat in the throat.

3) Make Sure you Skip the Glass of Wine Before Bed

A small glass or wine before bed or after dinner is very romantic, and it provides most couples with some few minutes to talk and bond. However, if your better half has a snoring problem, it will be a good idea to skip that glass of wine or replace it with something else because it might be a contributing factor or the primary cause of the problem. There is enough research evidence to prove that alcohol relaxes the muscles on the throat and hence leading to obstruction of the airway.

4) Buy Your Better Half Some Oral Appliances

Sometimes it will be necessary to make a little investment on oral appliances to help your partner. An anti snoring mouthpiece is one of the most efficient ways of dealing with this problem. There are many types available but all work by keeping the airways open or preventing the tongue from falling back. But, before you buy the device it is important to determine whether your partner is a nose or mouth breather so that you can get something that will help them.

5) Keep the Room Humidified

If you want to help your partner stop the snoring, you should invest in a humidifier if you do not have one. Dry air is one of the fundamental causes of snoring and so making sure that you always humidify the bedroom will be very helpful. Also, you should encourage your spouse to take a hot shower or bath before bed because this will also help to keep the breathing channels moist.

A snoring partner will keep you awake every night which is not good for your health and can also cause a strain in your relationship. Following the five tips above will be very helpful to both of you, but in some cases, it might be necessary to visit a practitioner.

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