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5 Best and Worst Foods for Diabetes!

One constant source of worry for those suffering from diabetes is food. Everybody needs food to survive and so do they. So how do they eat and get the best or eat and worsen their health. Below are meals you can and cannot eat that would aid you as a guide for preparing your diet.

5 Best Foods

Be Fiber active
Fiber is a great choice for keeping cholesterol levels under control as well as blood sugar levels. It also aids in maintaining bowel health as it aids meals in passing through your digestive system fast and aids waste elimination. Soluble fiber has been proven by research to aid in slowing down the rate at which carbon hydrate is broken down by the body. Spice up your diet with cucumber, blueberries, nuts, beans, green beans, celery and carrots. Get your fiber from veggies and nuts and reduces those gotten from grains.

Do a Starch Check
Potatoes have antimicrobial qualities and can reduce blood glucose level. High in fiber and vitamins sweet potatoes would be a great choice. You can eat it baked, boiled or mashed potatoes never run out of style. Whole grains such as rice, whole grain bread, whole grain cereals with little or no added sugar, whole grain tortillas.

Get More from Your Vegetables
You get a lot of goodies from your veggies so experiment with them and find new ways to spice up your meals with them . Broccoli,spinach and collards are superb ways of getting vitamin C and K, magnesium, phosphorus and foliate. Fresh cabbage or coleslaw and fresh cucumber. To get more from your veggies eat them raw or steam lightly.

Spice up your meals.
Try adding cinnamon to your tea,oatmeal and even smoothie. Spice up your cooking with ginger both fresh and dry,add fenugeek to your baked goods. These spices are rich in enhancing insulin sensitivity. Clove also stands out in preventing nerve damage and inflammation resulting from high blood sugar because of its antioxidant properties.

Fats and oil
You can get more from omega 3 acids aids in preventing blood clots and sea foods like salmon,mackerel,tuna,sardines are great bets. Also while watching your cholesterol levels you can spice up your meals with olive oil it is rich in antioxidant properties that protect cells from damage and is a source of mono unsaturated fat.

5 Foods to avoid

Grains that have been processed such as white rice, cereals with whole grain but lots of sugar, white flour tortillas.

Avoid French fries, potato chips, fast food hamburgers and all processed grains.

Canned foods like veggies with lots of sodium and fruit with lots of sugar ,frozen vegetables that were steamed lightly, vegetables cooked with lots of butter or cheese. Run away from pickles they contain sodium mostly if you have high blood pressure

Sodium can raise blood pressure thereby leading to stroke or even heart damage. Therefore avoid it as much as you can.

Food with saturated fats which can mainly be found in animal like fried meat, fried tofu, pork bacon, poultry with the skin, whole milk and regular yogurt.

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