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5 Best Tools to Boost Your Communication with Clients

Client management is one of the most important things when it comes to running a business. In fact, you can think of it as a staple of any successful business. Clients are what brings funds into your company and how it stays afloat. Similarly, losing clients means your business is failing and you will need to change up your strategy.

Luckily, today’s technology world brings a lot of change to the way we communicate and work with clients on a daily basis. With so many useful client management tools helping us close the distance and expand our field of business further and further, the main question begins what the best way to work with your clients is. For this reason, we have put together a list of the best client management tools that you can use to better lead your startup to success!

Nifty Project Management

Nifty is amazing tool that can help you do so much more than manage clients! It helps where many people trying to start or run a business fail – automatizing project updates and optimizing the schedule and the project management process. It does so by giving you an amazing insight into resources that you are working with, the timeline you need to follow as well as a dynamic task management tool.

A unique thing about Nifty is the way it tracks project milestones. These are not the steps in a project, but goals which you aim for – and are all clear to see, edit and follow with Nifty. But where Nifty really shines is the client communication. Nifty offers an easy-to-use and intuitive space where your team can brainstorm ideas and share them with clients, and get an instant feedback from them.

Then, you can also track the progress your team makes and create an easy way to report back to the client for any further communication. Finally, it helps you store and arrange assets that you will need to use during the project. This way, you – or your client – can simply grab whatever you need at any time!


Another very popular choice when it comes to client communication tools is Trello. Many people consider it the best to-do list project management tool, but the perks you get from it are many! Because of how easy it is to use people don’t use Trello only for work! Instead, Trello helps arrange and plan your daily life too. This flexibility is what makes Trello easy to share with people – especially clients who might not be well-versed into the technology world.

Using Trello, you can easily communicate with your clients through to-do lists. Both you and they can create new tasks for your team and follow their progress. It is highly customizable – and you can get the gist of it in only seconds. The main drawback is that, unlike Nifty, you do not really get a real-time tracking system if you do not delve into details and create intricate to-do lists.


One of the most popular tools that helps boost your client communication is Asana. It earns its place on this list through the variety of functions it offers for you and your clients. With it, you can track the flow of your project and task management, but it also can greatly increase your team communication and collaboration. It also connects to Excel and calendars, which further helps track progress of everything you are doing and stay on the deadlines.

While it may not be as customizable as other picks on this list, Asana is pretty straightforward and thus easy to use. It offers a clear layout which you can easily follow and an interface to boast of. What’s more, it also gives you the chance to both monitor your project activities in real-time and create to-do lists. A great perk is that you can make changes in Asana while being offline, and they will sync up once you come back online. This, however, can be a drawback to your communication with clients if they are working simultaneously with you.


Slack is yet another very popular client communication tool. Whereas other tools listed here offer great ways for you to both communicate with your clients and manage projects, Slack focuses on the prior only. This is what a lot of businesses and startups use to communicate, both within their team as well as with clients. If you need to start a project, hire someone, review contracts, deal with the budget – all of it can be done on Slack!

A great ability that this tools posses is its power to create channels for clear communication. If you are starting a project, all you need to do is create a new group with the people on the team, and change the channel’s name. If you need to talk to someone directly, all you need to do is open up their channel, and begin a private conversation. All of this is followed with a set of notifications that you can control and that can give you clear and up-to-date information of all that is happening. This flexibility and intuitive interface are what makes Slack a great pick!


The last – but not the least – on our list of client communication tools is Basecamp. It is an amazing tool that connects your project resources and your team in a unique way. With Basecamp, you will have access to to-do list, schedules and timelines, as well as group chats, message boards and a storage for your documents. This way, you can control both the information you pass along to your team or your clients and the resources you will be using to deal with the project in front of you.

This way, Basecamp also allows you a unique control over the whole process, and an easy overview into the project management. Finally, a client portal will boost your client communication and make your customers very happy!

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