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4 Reasons Why Document Destruction Is Important

With every new refresh of your favourite news app, you learn of another security breach affecting millions around the world. As a business owner, you know you never want your company’s name in a similar headline. Not only does a security breach that leaks customer personal information cost you money in legal fines, it also causes immeasurable damage to your reputation. To save your company from such a fate, you need to make sure your business is safe at every turn. While many business owners prioritize security protocols while collecting and storing information, its often the last stage of a document’s life that poses the most risk. Don’t throw out confidential files or devices. Make sure you employ the professionals. Here are just four reasons why you should!

It’s Good for the Budget

The simple fact is, as a business model, having employees shred paper does not really qualify as a duty or a function.That’s because the act itself involves the minutiae of little tasks that don’t contribute to their role within the company, like removing paper clips or staples and lining up paper to be shredded properly. Then there’s also picking up the mess that can be left behind and the maintenance of keeping the shredder itself functional. All of that takes time, which takes away from your employee’s day being productive in the role you hired them for.

It’s a Good Practice

And then there is the issue of liability to consider. The simple fact is there are government regulations regarding the practice of protecting customer or client privacy. A commercial business needs on site document shredding because you can’t guarantee your employees are following security protocols when shredding. Having a chain of custody and a contract protecting a business from this liability is a sure-fire way to stay compliant with high-level government agencies.

It’s Great for Word of Mouth

Even if there were no government regulations regarding the responsibilities of a business, it would still be a good practice for one’s reputation. There’s nothing better than knowing that on-site clients and customers can tell that there will be no loose ends with the transactions they conduct while visiting a business. This is essential in a modern-day world where reviews are make-or-break facts of doing business.

It’s Kind to the Environment

When you use professional paper shredding Torontobusiness owners trust as your benchmark, these services are environmentally responsible. Even if your business can safely and efficiently destroy shredded documents, it’s highly doubtful you also have the resources to recycle the debris that results. Making sure that every piece of the final product resulting from shredding is disposed of properly is something that only professional organizations can offer. This includes any e-waste that results from shredding electronics — a material notoriously difficult to recycle.

And there you have it: four reasons why your business needs professional shredding. Whether you live in Toronto or somewhere on the other side of the world, use paper shredding Toronto business owners trust as your standard. It can help you find a local service that will uphold your commitment to security. That way, you’ll never have to worry about seeing your company name at the centre of the next global security breach scandal.

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