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3 Startups Worth Investing In Right Now

Thousand of startups appear every year, but most of them dissapear as fast as they flourished. A great idea and good leadership are necessary if you want to make it big as a company.

Three of them are on our radar for 2015 and we’ve put them in our Top 3 Startups worth investing in right now!

slack logo

Slack is like the Usain Bolt of startups. Launched in 2014, this internal communication platform received 8,000 customers within 24 hours if its launch. Now, it is estimated that over 30,000 companies use it and has a current valuation of over $2.8 billion.

It seems like founder Stewart Butterfield has found El Dorado. Slack has over 1 million active user every day and if you’re looking for startups worth investing in, you’ve clearly found your answer. Oh, and we definitely need to mention that it’s currently known as “the email killer“, in order to see its full potential.

stripe payments logo

Stripe is a company that allows you to accept payments over the Internet. If in 2014 the company was valued at almost $2 billion, now Stripe has more than doubled its value, at $5 billion.

Stripe focuses on providing the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate online payment systems, unlike its competitors. Maybe that’s why companies like Wired, Twitter, reddit or Squarespace use this payment service.

shyp logo

Valued as just over $250 million, Shyp is definitely one of the best startups worth investing in. Founded in 2013, Shyp is a company that utilizes a mobile app to provide courier services. Shyp only runs in four American cities: San Francisco, New York, Miami and Los Angeles, but has plans to extend in the future.

This is how Shyp works: users enter in a mobile app the pick up and destination addresses, upload a photo of the item that will be shipped, and their contact and credit card information. Transporting your sutff has never been this easy.

Do you know any other startups worth investing in? Let us know about them, in the comments section below!