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3 Reasons to Start Creating Slideshow Videos as Content

Although most people think of slideshows as tools for presentations of for displaying a series of photos, they can be much more than that. In fact there are many benefits that you could gain by creating slideshows as videos – and using them as content.

If you want to know why you should start creating slideshow videos as content, there are several reasons that could sway your decision:

At the end of the day slideshow videos are videos, and as such are an excellent replacement for conventional videos. In general they can be used in exactly the same way, and you can publish them on YouTube, social media, or embed them onto your website.

Needless to say slideshow videos are audiovisual as well, and so you can add a voiceover to explain the visuals if need be. Alternatively you could use background music to drive an emotional response.

Although slideshows may not have the unique visual capabilities of conventional videos, they do come close. The visual storytelling impact of a series of photos or images is the next best thing to a conventional video, and can be used to make interesting and engaging content.

  • Can be produced far more easily than conventional videos

Compared to conventional videos it is much easier to produce slideshow videos. Typically all that is required is the software you need to compile the slideshow. For example you could use Movavi Slideshow Maker for that and follow the steps at https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-create-photo-with-music.html.

The learning curve required to use slideshow software is definitely more beginner-friendly than recording or editing videos. It will require some experience and skill, but not nearly as much – and it is far less punishing too.

The one area of producing slideshow videos that can be challenging is sourcing the visuals that are needed. However coming up with graphs, charts, diagrams, photography, or even simple infographics is still far easier and less time-consuming than it is to record and edit conventional videos.

  • Does not require a large budget or expensive equipment

Last but not least, you can produce a slideshow video on a fraction of the budget that it would require to record a conventional video. At most your costs will consist of the music, voice acting, or visual materials that you choose to purchase.

In terms of equipment you really just need a computer – and not even a very powerful one for that matter.

Needless to say the budget for conventional videos is much higher. In terms of equipment alone it is far more involved and requires much more expensive equipment. On top of that there is the lighting, audio, acting talent, production crew, editing staff, and other areas that may need to be factored in as well.

To put it simply slideshow videos are cheaper and easier to create, while still being able to act as a decent replacement for conventional video content. Unless you happen to have a huge budget, both those reasons should be very compelling.

In fact even if you do have a large budget – you would be wise to consider creating slideshow videos. The fact that it can be created easily will let you produce quick content in video form that you can publish as a steadier stream to your followers or fans.

All in all you should definitely be able to find space for slideshow videos in your content schedule. Now that you know why it should have a place there, all that remains is to start creating them to see for yourself the benefits they provide.

Beatrice Santos

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Beatrice Santos