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3 Mistakes That Make Your Brand Weak

Apple. Coca-Cola. Disney.

These are just some of the names that dominated the best brand rankings in the world for 2019. These brands did not just get to the top 10 overnight. In fact, it took hard work, patience, and the addition of perceptive branding insight to turn these companies into household names in almost all corners of the world.

If you are putting up a new business or struggling with keeping your brand afloat, then you must learn to avoid branding mistakes that will make your brand weak. One important factor that you should consider is to seek the services of a brand consulting agency to ensure that you and your business are kept on track and on point.

What Makes a Brand Weak?

Aside from common misconceptions about business as well as age-old beliefs that do nothing but restrain your brand, there are branding mistakes that – with good guidance – can surely be avoided. The skewed belief that you can just rely on your customers to spread the word about your business, or that one-size-fits-all thinking where entrepreneurs blindly believe their product can cater to everyone, will most likely lead your brand to the pits.

To avoid these costly mistakes, it is best to entrust your branding efforts to a reputable branding agency. With their expertise and experience, you get the advantage of receiving valuable ideas from some of the world’s best minds whose primary objective is to help you differentiate and elevate your brand. Not only will you free up valuable time in experimenting with untested methods, but you will also get more value for your money when you invest in a branding agency that knows the ins and outs of branding and marketing communications.

Whether you manage a boutique hotel, run a spa and salon, or are a long-time supplier of high-end fabrics, you would do well to heed the rational recommendations of branding experts. Here are some of the top branding mistakes that you can avoid so you can help your brand become stronger:

1. Not Investing in Research

Unsubstantiated views and groundless principles may be the death of your brand.

Instead of holding onto these, it is best to hinge your business on facts and figures that will provide a more authenticated and verified view of the landscape as well as other factors that affect your brand.

To do this, you must invest in good market research. Brands that are grown from a research-backed approach have a higher probability of achieving their goals. Effective brand research will allow you to understand the current state of your brand, the market landscape, and the future outlook that will help shape your brand and business tactics.

At the same time, brand research will also help you discover insightful information that will help you create a brand that sells. For example, brand research will tell which name will resonate more with your target market. Results from your brand research can be used in a variety of ways, such as in the formulation of your brand messages, advertising and marketing, brand assets and other elements that make up a strong brand.

2. Absence of Brand Strategy

In addition to referring to an organized study of the elements affecting your brand, creating a sound brand strategy will also help your brand become stronger.

A non-existent brand strategy will only cause your business to run around like a headless chicken. The lack of a strategic plan can wreak havoc on your goals as it makes you shoot in different directions without hitting your targets.

To avoid this, work with a brand consulting firm that uses proven research results and years of experience to help you in creating a thorough plan for your brand. A strategic approach will help you discern the most effective ways to make your brand credible and visible to your intended audience.

At the same time, a strong brand strategy will direct all your branding efforts towards a more organized path. With a clear vision of where to go, you will be able to execute your tasks with more precision.

Well-defined branding strategies also contribute to consistency and cohesiveness in your branding efforts as well as in the productivity of your whole team. It cuts down on unnecessary actions, therefore giving you more time to focus on things that matter most.

3. Lack of Brand Differentiation

Another baseless belief that some business owners fall prey to is the idea that if it’s good enough for their toughest competitor, then it might also be good enough for them. Some have settled into that “comfortable” place where they are just being like their competitors, coasting along and getting a share of the pie.

However, this fear will paralyze not only their brand, but also their business objectives. Being “good enough” may not be the best way to achieve your goals. Why settle for a “good enough” share of the pie when you can hike your way up to the peak of success?

Instead, you should set yourself apart from your competitors. Why not offer a different kind of brand experience that will make your customers trust and love you? Why not secure the services of a branding team that will help you uncover your point of differentiation and reap the rewards of a maximized brand value?

Identifying your unique traits and strengthening that distinction will put your brand head and shoulders above all the other brands that are too scared to move up from their “good enough” zone.

Brands That Work

If you want your brand to work, then you need to work for your brand. Start with the nitty-gritty – doing research, delving deep into the understanding the market, consulting with brand specialists, and more – before you work your way up the ladder of success.

Find allies that will help support your brand to become the best version of itself. Trust the brand gurus, the creative and strategic minds, trusty suppliers, and other branding and marketing experts who will hold hands to lead you to the top, where you deserve to be.

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Hasan Fadlallah is a Serial Entrepreneur – Founder & CEO of Brand Lounge, the region’s leading and award-winning branding consultancy, whose role is to help organizations align their business behind an idea that will deliver success time and again. Equipped with over 20 years of professional consulting experience, today he advises businesses throughout the Gulf and the World Brand Congress who awarded him the prestigious Brand Leadership award in Brand Excellence recognized Africa on brand development and in 2014.