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3 Android Apps for Zoning-Out & Wasting Time

Sometimes all you want to do is kick-back for a few minutes, zone-out and kill some brain cells with some phone screen-time and your favorite app games. However, if you are bored with your current app distractions or looking for some new favorites to while away your time check-out these three Android apps that are my go to brain fodder at the moment.

So, without further ado, here’s my top list of top 3 awesome chill out and time wasting apps.

Clash of Clans
Think strategy. Think MMORPG. Think never ending fun, mixed in with a bit of Game of Thrones like fantasy stuff. That’s what Clash of Clans is.

AKA ‘one of the most addictive mobile games ever’, your challenge is to raise an army of barbarians, wizards, dragons and other mythical creatures, to fight against other players who’ve done the same.

The more you win, the higher you ascend – and then you get access to some awesome upgrades. Then, when you’re really good, you get to join a ‘clan’ of other players – meaning you all band together, fighting and leveling up. It’s an epic little time-waster!

You can get download Clash of the Clans for Android here

Raiders of the Sea
I am not into real money gambling apps but I do have a thing for free slots and one slot game in particular has been keeping me up late into the night. Its hugely addictive and lots of fun – meet Raiders of the Sea.

Raiders of the Sea has that fun Clash of Clans-like ‘barbarian’ theme, and is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorites – from the cheeky graphics, to the fun bonus extras (and there’s also a growing progressive jackpot), I can sit and play this for hours. It’s a great little sofa distraction!

You can download Raiders of the Sea for Android here

Fruit Ninja
Ok, hear me out – this is a game where not much happens, BUT it is highly, highly addictive. Whereas other players can be divided over the apps which make them tick (or chill), Fruit Ninja is regularly agreed as fun to play by pretty much every who plays it.

It goes like this – different types of fruit is thrown onto the screen, and your job – swiping with your finger, is making sure to cut it in half before it falls. As the game continues, more fruit is thrown at you, and more quickly – as well as a few bombs, which will end the game if you try to cut them.

It’s simple and straightforward, but will have you coming back for more and trying to beat your score…and then your friends will want to do the same.

You can download Fruit Ninja for Android here

The Best Time Wasters to Rule Them All
Ultimately, apps are subjective to the person playing them. What’s addictive and fun to one person may be annoying or challenging to another. However, if you have not tried the above-mentioned games I highly recommend that you give them a go. They may just help you blitz-out in mind numbing serenity for hours and hours.

Happy time wasting!

Beatrice Santos