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10 Totally False Stereotypes about Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian women… Men dream about them, want and admire at the same time. They want to marry and love them; they dedicate songs, write poems and books about these beautiful women. But there some myth in that men believe. Here are 10 false stereotypes about Ukrainian women.

1) They are beautiful and stupid

In fact, appearance has nothing with their intellectual abilities. Beautiful women attract more attention and their wide circle of contacts, as a rule, promotes spiritual and intellectual development in every possible way.

2) Clothes, cosmetics, and shopping are the meaning of life of every Ukrainian woman

Firstly, not of everyone: many girls completely ignore style, fashion, and mascara with lipstick. Secondly, the desire to please oneself and others is quite natural for a woman. The modern world gave women many opportunities to discover their beauty and smart women use it.

3) They are sad people who never smile

Ukrainians make an impression of inhospitable people. But this is just because they don’t have a “culture” of a smile. In general, they have a completely different point of view on this emotion. They will not be fully understood smiling without a reason. But foreigners don’t know about this, they just consider Ukrainians not a happy nation.

4) You can’t marry a beautiful Ukrainian woman. She will be an unfaithful wife

Men simply believe that if a woman is beautiful and there are many men around her, then there is a possibility that she will cheat on. But this is not so. If a Ukrainian woman is in a happy marriage, she will not cheat on. As you can see, these females are eligible if you are interested in dating a christian ladies.

5) All Ukrainian women dream about a wedding

It is not so! In reality, women of the 21st century have absolutely different ideals: career, success, self-realization. And a marriage is not at the most honorable place.

6) Ukrainian women love with ears

Of course, women like to be told that they are the most beautiful, the most intelligent and gentle. But before they fall in love with a man, she will look at his face, body, and appearance. The first evaluation of a man is made by eyes, not by ears.

7) Compliment said a woman somewhere on the street will be considered as a rough molestation

It all depends on how the compliment will be told and in what form. Most women like compliments. Only some of them can take a compliment for sexual harassment.

8) Ukrainian girls are too delicate creatures. They hardly make decisions and need guardianship

Wise women can use this stereotype to induce a man to do something. But, in fact, Ukrainian women are absolutely capable to make any decisions by themselves.

9) Ukrainian women are pragmatic

A Ukrainian woman is often described as self-serving and insensitive, with a purse instead of the heart. This stereotype was spread in the 1990s when thousands of beauties from the countries of the former Soviet Union rushed through the open borders to seek a beautiful and stable life in the West. The concept that a marriage with a foreigner is better than life in the own country has led to many personal tragedies and has formed a clear conviction that Ukrainian women were ready for anything to get a European citizenship. And that is why they got a bad reputation. Even today, if they travel abroad, they have to explain that the main goal of the trip is business or tourism, and not the search for the second half.

10) They don’t have their own opinion

A woman must be a slave in this case. She doesn’t have a right to occupy some managerial positions or just have an own opinion. This is stupid and not true! A modern Ukrainian woman has her own opinion and also she may be an excellent political leader, for example.

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