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10 Reasons For The Popularity Of Custom Engagement Rings

Your engagement is one of the occasions when you can make the woman in your life feel special. This is one day that she will probably remember through her lifetime. And is there a better way to do so than surprising her with a customized engagement ring, designed just for her. No wonder this concept has been popular for decades now and will continue to enjoy the same level of popularity and acceptance all over the world. Still, if you are not sure whether you want to propose to your special one with a readymade ring or want a customized one, let us give you some good reasons to opt for the latter. Here are some reasons for the evergreen popularity of custom-made engagement rings.

1. Get a design that matches her taste and personality

The biggest reason for the popularity of custom-made jewelry pieces is that they can be designed to match the taste and personality of the wearer. So if your lady love reveres diamonds, you can have one crafted by a specialist like jacobmercari.com. Moreover, you can explore options such as rubies, emeralds or other colored gemstones if she prefers them. You can even have a ring design that uses different stones studded in a single piece. Also, you have the choice to get them set in different metals such as gold, silver or platinum if you go for custom styling.

2. Be sure about exceptional quality

A customized ring is a great option if you want value for your money as far as quality of the elements used is concerned. The best thing is that you can hand pick the diamonds or gemstones for the piece without having to worry about the quality as it usually emerges as the biggest concern while buying the readymade options. Additionally, you can also be sure about the purity of the metal used for crafting it. This enables you to give the best to your loved one and spend your money smartly as well.

3. Show that you really care

Another reason that personalized engagement bands are on the top of the popularity charts is that they show how much you really care for the most special person in your life. This is a jewelry piece that is the ultimate symbol of love and togetherness, something that will always remind her of you and your love for her. Going an extra mile by having it specially designed for your fiancée is the best surprise that you can plan for her to make the occasion extra special.

4. Size is not a problem

What if the ring doesn’t fit? Could there be anything worse for you and your significant other? Well, you can get rid of the sizing woes by having a piece crafted for her. Ask her about her ring size or just put one of her rings in your pocket without letting her know if you are planning a surprise for her. The sparkle in her eyes and the smile on her lips will be worth a million diamonds when you slip a perfectly fitting ring on her finger on the big day.

5. More affordable that you expect

This sounds hard to believe but a customized engagement ring is more affordable than you think. The common misconception is that the ones you get hand crafted cost much higher in comparison to those displayed in the jewelry store shelves. But the fact is that a majority of stores have options that fit all budgets yet are designed using the best quality gemstones and metals. Check out your favorite brand store or website and you will definitely be able to find a unique piece that you can afford

6. It’s a great feeling to be involved

So the big day is around the corner and you want to be involved in every way that you can! Getting creative with her ring’s design is the best way to do so. Wouldn’t she love to wear a ring that replicates your feelings for her and has your creativity in its design? Be an artist and give ideas to your designer so that he can improvise a design that matches your vision and her choice. And be sure to let her know that you have put in so much effort in having the piece designed just for her.

7. Get expert advice of a professional designer

Another good reason to get a personalized engagement ring designed for your fiancée is that it gives you access to the expertise of a professional designer. While you can give your ideas and inputs regarding the choice of your special lady, the expert can help you with the fine detailing and selection of quality gemstones and pure metal for the ring. With the help of an expert designer, you can have a perfect piece crafted for the most amazing occasion of your life.

8. Have a unique, one-of-a-kind piece

The woman you love is one of her kind and your relationship with her is bound to be unique. You can convey these feelings to her by proposing her with a unique, one-of-a-kind engagement ring. There is no need to be confined to the standard design options in the market and you can present her something that she will love for her entire life. And while you focus on the uniqueness of the piece, be sure to add a personal touch by having something that you share together. For example, you can have it shaped like your initials or a special experience that you share as a couple.

9. A simple process that creates beautiful memories

Buying a personalized engagement ring often seems complicated as most people believe that they need to spend hours in a design studio to get one crafted. But the process is much simpler than you think, considering the innovative technologies that are being widely used in the jewelry design domain. Not only do these technologies get you a good quality product within a short time span, but also ensure that you get pieces that are a perfect match for your vision. The 3D technique even lets you have a look at the virtual image of the finished product and have it changed according to your requirement.

10. Have it embellished with her birthstone

Another reason that accounts for the popularity of custom-made engagement rings is that you can have them embellished with the birthstone of your partner. This makes it more than a symbol of your love but can also be her lucky charm. Birthstones are capable of attracting cosmic energies of the wearer’s ruling planets and can bring good luck for them. Gifting your lady love a ring with her birthstone is a great way to invoke divine blessings and good fortune for a lifetime.

An engagement ring is the replica of a loving relationship between you and the most special person in your life. Whether you are a man or a woman, you need to give special attention so that you can pick the most amazing piece for your partner. Check out a trusted brand that is reputed for selling the best quality products. Look for someone that caters customized jewelry in addition to the ready-to-buy options if you want to have a custom-designed ring for your big day. It is a good idea to visit the online website of your favorite brand as you can explore all the options with just a few clicks. Also, these sites have some amazing deals to help you economize your engagement shopping. Try Stefano Navi for your next custom engagement ring

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