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What you need to know when you start your own blog

It seems like there is nothing easier than starting a blog nowadays. Lots of blogging platforms to suit any taste, both paid and free of charge. Great many of topics to cover. Ability to access your blog at any time, anywhere. To be a good blogger, you don’t have to possess any advanced technical skills, you don’t have to be super rich, and you don’t have to spend years studying blogging. Sounds like a perfect way to come into the spotlight, share what you have to say and maybe even earn some money, especially if you are a student and all that paper writing and other assignments don’t let you combine your studies with full-fledged work. There is a great many of resources that can teach you as much as possible about blogging: how to choose the right platform, what kind of technical skills you need to master to manage your own blog, how to make your blog popular. Your might also want to take certain measures to improve your writing skills (in case you have never been really good at essay writing).
But still, there is always this issue that many beginner bloggers stumble upon – choosing the right blog topic. When you break your head over which topic would be the most appealing and interesting, there is always a risk of going to extremes:

1. Starting a blog with a topic that looks profitable (or potentially popular/targeted at large audience), but doesn’t tug at your heartstrings in any way. Let’s say, you are contemplating the possibility to start a blog about Forex, cryptocurrencies, real estate or cars. Looks like many people may be potentially interested in this… but does all this sound interesting to you?

2. Choosing no specific topic at all and just writing about anything that comes into your head at the moment.

In fact, if you do have to choose from the two options above, the second one does have higher chances of working out, provided you give it some unique creative twist and put a lot of effort into keeping it that way. However, in most cases thematic blogs tend to be the most successful. After all, choosing a specific topic for your blog, you choose a specific target audience – and by this, you make sure that there will always be a number of people interested in what you have to say. If you are ready to put enough time and effort in it, of course.

So the main step you’ll have to make after you decide to start a blog is not learning as much as you can about professional writing (visit yourwriters.net) , but choosing a perfect topic. And a perfect topic is not that one that seems most profitable, but the one that really interests and motivates you.

You can write about anything you can – there are lots of creative writing ideas to choose from: butterfly collecting, software developing, traveling. It doesn’t really matter as long as it sounds extremely appealing and relatable to you personally. If that’s what you feel like about your blog’s topic, then there is a big chance your blog will attract lots of like-minded people and turn into a place where they will share ideas, experience and discoveries.

It sounds like a fairly simple thing to do, doesn’t it? But in reality, it’s not always this easy to decide which topics interest you the most. Sometimes it makes month to choose the right one, but in fact, it’s worth taking time.

To put it shortly, without any real interest to the chosen topic, you won’t be able to keep your blog for more than a couple of months. Yes, it’s possible that at first there will be many visitors – and this can actually be quite a motivating factor. But it won’t last long. Any blog goes through highs and lows, and if you have no other motivator but profit and traffic, your blog is likely to die off when it’s at its low.

The same concerns profit that your blog may bring. While it’s a great motivator, it can’t be the basis to build and develop your blog on. If there’s nothing else that motivates you to start a blog – don’t start it at all.

In other words, if you do seriously think about starting a blog, spend some time to find the topic that appeals to you. Something that’s so interesting you are sure you won’t give it up in a month. Then there’s a chance another unique and brilliant resource will be added to the blogosphere.

Beatrice Santos

Beatrice Santos

Beatrice Santos is taking up units in business law and currently affiliated as an intern in a local law firm. She is passionate in helping those who have any queries regarding business laws and how these may affect their respective businesses.
Beatrice Santos